Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saya Sick and Staying at Home

On Monday we stayed home since Saya had a runny nose and was not feeling well. We had an early morning start and had a light breakfast. We cleaned up the house a bit and played with all the toys we got from Craigslist, after weeks not cleaning them, which Saya seemed to love. We had to head to the grocery store for a few vegetables and Saya just perked up. We rode the penny horses before we headed home and she was so happy. We read lots of books and watched videos and the long day came to an end as Saya just fell asleep in her crib.

In the evening we had vegetable soup for dinner and gave Saya a nice warm bath and lots of lanolin on an under her nose as it was all red.

Hope Saya feels better soon.

Daddy Zoo

On Sunday we headed to the zoo with daddy. It's been a long time since we've all been to the zoo together. We had a very very late departure. We were waiting for pooping to end so we can get in the car, but that took about an hour. We finally got in the car and thought about turning back home but that didn't happen and we headed to the zoo. It was super cold and windy and sure enough we didn't bring Saya's down jacket but layered her and put on a wind breaker on. Oops! We actually got into bird world and got really warm. Saya and daddy rode the carousel and Saya said "I'm embarassed" as mommy yelled her name and waved. They had a great time. Then we headed back for some lunch at Samburu grill and then headed home. Saya fell asleep in the car but daddy was really good at putting her in crib without waking her up. She slept for a long time. We then took the doggies for a walk and then came home.

We then decided to make some chi chi mochi for dessert but it took longer than expected so we had to wait till the next day to eat them. Yummy!

J School Onigiri - 1st Pocky EVER-and Kool Aid Playdough

On Saturday we had pancakes for breakfast and headed off to Japanese school. It was onigiri day so mommy got the rice and nori all ready to go. Saya got up super early around 3am and then slept for a little bit longer afterwards so we thought we were in for a long day at J school but she did really good. We made it through onigiri making, although Saya ate most of her while making and then through snacktime. We stopped at the doggie store for food and chews and got home to daddy and had a nice lunch and bath. Soon after it was time for a nice nap.

After dinner we decided to ditch our old playdough and make a new batch. Daddy had a big smile on his face as he made it and so did Saya. The miracle of playdough.

Library or Bust

On Friday Saya and mommy headed to the library but sure enough it was an in service day so it was closed in the morning. We tried to head to Golden Spoon but they were closed too so we stopped at King Soopers for a few items. We ended up getting more than we needed and we just HAD to stop through the Valentine's aisles. We then went to Golden Spoon for a sample and quart and headed home for lunch. We had a nice lunch and then it was naptime. Saya took a very short nap so we headed to the library soon after and got a ton of books. By the time we got home daddy was home and he took Saya and the doggies for a walk.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Playdate with Friends

On Thursday we had a playdate at our house. Just our good friends came over so it was a blast. Saya was all excited to share her toys. We talked and had tea and snacked before playing some more and having lunch. I definitely think 3 toddlers is a good number of kiddos. It was just an easy going day and super fun. Definitely will do it again. Saya was so tired but she hung out till about 2pm before napping which is super good for her. She also decided to be more interested in some of her toys that she could have cared less about. Hum... perhaps we should have playdates instead of switching out toys.

After nap we took the dogs for a long long walk and then stopped at the playground for about 30 minutes before heading home. It was a cold and windy day but we got a bit of outdoor play. The dogs were cold just sitting there waiting for us so we left and ran home;)