Friday, March 30, 2012

Waneka Lake and Golden Spoon

On Thurs Saya, mommy, Ryder and Bella all headed to Waneka lake for a nice stroll around the lake. The dogs were super excited and couldn't wait to get there. Mommy thought the trail was all concrete paths but it wasn't thankfully the dirt paths were rock solid and the stroller made it through. After our walk the dogs stayed put while mommy and Saya played in the playground. Soon it was time to go and we headed to Starbucks where Saya ordered her apple juice and mommy got her coffee. We headed home and Saya fell asleep in the car and when we got back she slept on the couch, yup again. Soon after she woke up we had grilled cheese lunch out on the deck. We then decided to take the tricycle out for a spin and get the mail. It took a while to get back home as Saya said she had to poop. Mommy had her stand on the tricycle all the way back home. Then we decided to head to Golden Spoon for a nice cold treat. Saya had her sample of pomegranate blueberry and mommy got a quart to go. Then we got home and then started to prep dinner. We had a nice dinner and Saya ate all her Ling Lings. We then had a froyo treat in a cone outside and then played and read until bedtime.

Daddy got home at 9pm and mommy got to hang out with daddy till bedtime.

Hobby Lobby and Rope World

On Wednesday we had an easy day and headed to Hobby Lobby so we can finish our storyboard. We got some more eggs so that we can stuff them for J school and the community. Saya had a good time and somewhat listened. On the way home we stopped at the bank so that we had cash on hand for Rope World. We stopped at McKay Shores model home just to see what it looked like. Gotta love Toll Brothers. Saya loved the model home and didn't want to leave. We got home and had a nice pizza lunch outside and then did a Easter egg hunt. We attempted to take a nap and finally at 1pm Saya fell asleep in her bed. Yeah! Mommy woke her up at 2 thirty and headed over to longmont for Rope World. Saya was still tired when we got there and mommy said  we could watch. Saya was so eager to start playing she didn't even want to listen to the rules first. We finally got to go into the gym but most structures were too much for Saya so we stayed in one little area. Saya decided to try the rope bridge last minute and actually did it. Mommy was scared but Saya wasn't and we were so proud. We had lots of snacks on the way home and then had noodles for dinner. Saya had 3 helpings and mommy couldn't believe it. We had to do bath since Saya rolled all over the gym and then it was bedtime routine time.

Waneka Lake and Ice Cream

On Tues we headed to Waneka Lake and met our friends Cat and Sabine. We had no idea it was going to be so chilly. Thank goodness Saya put on a hoodie. We played for a while before Saya started to melt. We had a quick lunch and decided to meet up for ice cream at Glacier. We tried to get to Glacier but it was not open so we stopped at King Soopers and got some Haagen Das ice cream. Saya didn't share much of hers with mommy but I snuck in about 2 bites. We got in the car and Saya fell asleep on the way home and slept for some time on the couch. We then woke up and had time to head out to REI to pick up mommy's boots. Soon we got home and mommy being too lazy to cook we ordered Marco's pizza online and picked it up. Saya wanted to eat there so we had a slice there and ate a slice of our free cheese pizza at home. Then it was time for the start of our bedtime routine after a nice bath.