Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marrow Bones

Today we took it easy and stayed at home. Mommy made some pancakes this morning and then returned books at the library. We had these books for 6 weeks so it was about time to return them. After lunch we gave Ry and Bell the bone marrow that we got from Whole Foods a while ago. We gave it to them raw and frozen and they loved it. It was quite messy and took lots of supervision so they don't ruin their teeth. We'll see how their stomach handles it tonight and tomorrow. We went for a walk and stopped at the playground as usual and met 2 other moms and babies. We got phone numbers and hopefully have a playdate soon. We got home and mommy headed off to Costco. Then we ran the dogs in the front park. We didn't go out much but it seemed like a full day.

Saya all excited to see daddy.

Saya likes to stand on books. She stood on her new book that she got from Imagination Library. Not happy about it.

Last peek at her library books before we returned them today.

Yummy Nilla Wafer.

Saya enjoying blowing bubbles in her water cup with a straw.

Yeah for Marrow Bones. I thought they would be cheap but they weren't. Oops!

Ryder going for his piece.

Bella too.

Saya on the deck enjoying the Chimnea. She's saying "hot hot" since we always say that near objects that can potentially be hot.

Saya ran around the chimnea and playing peek-a-boo.

On our walk we stopped at the playground. Usual swing picture. I swear we have a 100 of these pics now.

Down the slide with daddy.

Up up up on the hill. Watch out for rabbit poo poo.

Daddy caught Saya as she ran down.

Saya melting when we told her she couldn't play in the baseball diamond. We normally let her but today there were kids hitting baseballs and it was unsafe for her to walk in.

Saya watching daddy wash bella's feet.

Saya helping mommy and daddy unload the groceries. Brussel sprouts anyone?

Zoo Day

On Friday Saya and I headed off to the zoo to meet 4 other moms and babies. It was a big group and we didn't get around the zoo much but had a great time. Saya kept saying "walk" but she stayed in her stroller most of the time. Soon, I had to take her out and let her walk after a while but she kept running in the opposite direction. Too funny! It was a great day for the zoo as the weather was nice, but everybody had the same idea so it was crowded. Saya and I left the zoo soon after lunch so that we can get ready for our dinner guests at 5pm. Jeff made pulled pork sandwiches and all the fixings. Yummy! It was a great day and night.

Saya packing up her mat and other necessities for the zoo trip. Mommy forgot to bring her lunch and drink so she came home hungry and thirsty.

Three babies all in a row.

Saya sucking her thumb. Still tired after her short nap on the way to the zoo.

Correction. Five babies all in a row. Notice how someone is sitting in her stroller with her legs wide open.

Grizzly bear sleeping on the log. Look'n comfy.

Saya running in the opposite direction.

Exploring with snacks in hand.

Saya crossing the bridge with a friend and her baby.

Saya eating a french fry. Ok, it's not the healthiest but she just had one so it's ok. She loved it with ketchup.

On our way out I let Saya walk around the exit and she wanted to stand on the bench and look at the giraffe statues.

Not sure why but she loves the nasal spray.

Japan Trip Confirmed

There has been lots of talk about going to Japan this year. We didn't really travel so that we can save up for this trip and we finally got tickets. Yeah! It will be 3 generations of our family on this trip so it's even more exciting. Watch out Japan cuz here we come!

A Day to Relax

We had been going non stop the last couple of weeks so on Thursday we took it nice and easy. Saya seems to be ready for a chill day as she took an hour nap in the morning. We started off with some oatmeal in the morning and then off to the playground. We visited the Sunflower market for the first time and baby started to melt so we didn't head over to Costco. We got home and we played on the guest bed and soon daddy was home for dinner. It was a great chill day and tomorrow is zoo day.

Saya watched mommy throw the balls for the doggies in the morning and tried as well. The ball didn't go very far but with a bit more practice she'll be knocking them out of the field.

Breakfast time! We LOVE oatmeal for breakfast so we got a big box from Costco. Saya doesn't like it all that much but loved playing with it in the pot. However, I did discover that with a little swirl of strawberry jam makes a difference and she eats a bit more than usual.

Saya and I headed to the playground to burn some energy. When I took her out of the stroller all she wanted to do was empty out the basket under the stroller. Not sure why.

Jumping into the swing area. She almost ate it but mommy was there to catch her. Yeah!


Saya got the garage door opener and was so happy. She pushed the button about a 100 times but luckily we were far enough from the house that the door didn't open and close.

Saya climbing up the slide. I don't know where she learned that.

Mommy please give me a lift so I can get on the step.

Up the tunnel slide.

We got home and played in the backyard a bit. Someone found the hose and tried to drink out of it. Thirsty?

Gravel for the steps.

Back inside with clean clothes. We bounced around on the guest bed for a bit. She had a great time.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playdate in Boulder

Today Saya and I headed into Boulder for a playdate. We had a little incident slipping on ice on the way to their house but we were rescued and our car was just fine. Thank goodness. We had a wonderful lunch awaiting us and we played and baked some bread. Saya even took a nap at their house which means that she was super duper comfortable there. Yeah! We headed home a bit early as mommy was bit nervous about driving downhill but all was good. It was a great day.

Yeah! We made it.! Saya enjoying her milk. She spilt food all over her clothes so we borrowed some sweatpants. They were really cute and puffy.

Slightly blurry picture of Saya with her milk.

Gotta love these pants.

Saya invading the baby cabinet. She enjoyed all the books and puzzles. We had to be careful she didn't rpi any pages.  They even had Horray for Fish. We love that book.

Saya so wanting to play with the Dust Buster but trying to resist.

Home made bread. Yummy! We had a few pieces with butter when we took it out of the oven and it was delicious!

On the way home we saw a ton of deer. We had to stop and take some pictures. Probably not a great idea but we did it anyways.