Thursday, June 30, 2011

House Cleaning and Shopping

Today we took the dogs on a much needed walk and hit the playground before it got too hot out. We came back and got ready to go grocery shopping. Soon after it was lunch time and then naptime. How time flies! Today we hope to clean the house before grandpa and grandma arrive tomorrow.

Amanatto for breakfast. Mommy not too happy about this one.

Saya eager to get in the hamper again.

Playground time!

Saya was more interested in the dog behind the fence than playing. 

Doggie come here!

Saya digging through her toy box to look for her magnets. 

Grocery shopping time! Just a few snacks just in case.

Penny horse rides at King Soopers. Can't beat it. The look on Saya's face says it all (ok she looks scared but she loves it).


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Staying Inside

It's hot out and we already got a good dose of our sun/vitamin C for the week, so it's time to stay inside. Mommy headed downtown for the morning and then came back to buy a birthday present for Saya's friend. We headed to Target and found a little something. We got home for some lunch and then made name cards for the gift. We then read some books and it's naptime.

Saya enjoying her snacks.

Off to Target to buy a birthday present. We really enjoy the dollar bin section.


Saya helping out.

We got a spray bottle for a dollar but it broke 5 minutes later.

Home made gift tags.

A package from baba arrived. 

Woo hoo, markers!

Saya picking fallen apples. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toddler Group

Today we headed to the toddler playgroup. Saya had a great time although mommy was trying desperately to listen to the guest speaker about food safety. So much for that as Saya was all over the place and mommy had to chase her around. She found a play buddy who is a bit older but seemed to play well with. We went outside to play in the paths a bit and then headed home since we didn't have sunblock on. We stopped at Golden Spoon and Saya enjoyed a nice sample and mommy picked up a quart to bring home. We got home and Saya napped for a good 30 minutes. We then had some lunch and played in the little pool in the backyard before attempting another nap. Nap = FAIL. We did not get another nap for the remainder of the day so it's been a long day. We attempted a walk in the afternoon but it was so hot, we had to turn around and come home. We picked our first raspberry of the season and then called it a night.

Saya likes to help make breakfast- Menu for today = waffles.

Saya helping with rice balls. A little taste won't hurt.

Getting into the spice drawer

Bubble wand. Saya's hair got caught in it but we got most of it out by untangling. 

Playgroup. Saya interested in the baby.

Snacking and playing with friends.

Saya enjoying the outdoor garden.

Saya playing with a friend. 

Frozen yogurt on the way home. Saya got a sample of boysenberry.

Smoothie treat.

Outside pool time. 

Ryder enjoying the hose. 


Chalk time. 

First raspberry of the season.

Saya looking at a ladybug.