Monday, February 27, 2012

Toaster and Lollilocks

On Sunday we decided to have a simple breakfast and then head over to Target to get a few necessities. Our toaster over bit the dust so it was time to get a new one. We found a cheap one that we hope will last a long time. So long toaster oven!
We then got home and got ready to head out to Lollilocks at Flatirons. They just opened up their store in the mall location. Mommy was not thinking and didn't ask about the location and sure enough it wasn't on the  directory yet. Daddy and Saya were being blown all over by the chilly wind. We finally reached the hairstylist and got to the right location. Saya was super great and we were super super shocked. I was prepared to come back another time if it was too much. Daddy was super excited too! Saya sat on the purple hippo since mommy didn't want her too close to the door in case someone opened the door. We took lots of pictures and indulged ourselves with Dum Dum lollipops. Saya loved this part the best. She got about half an inch cut off and also a princess hairdo. The lady also put some glitter spray on which topped it all off. We got a picture and Saya's locks on a certificate. We got a bottle of Raspberry shampoo but not sure what we will do with it.

We got home and mommy and daddy had lunch and Saya ate the rest of hers too. After that it was nap time and mommy and daddy took a nap too. Mommy got ready to head out to a baby shower. She drank a bit too many mimosas and then decided to head home. We had a nice spaghetti dinner and hung out the rest of the night.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

J School and Costco

Today we headed off to J school after a nice pancake breakfast. Our toaster hit the dust so we had to have something that didn't involve one. We headed to J school and sure enough Saya was super tired as usual but she turned to some books and just kept to herself until hoop playing time and singing "oni no pantsu".  She decided to hold another classmates hand and then all the other kids joined in too. So we all sang a song in a big circle. It was awesome.We then had craft time which was playdough and then snacktime. Saya was so happy with all the activities today she did awesome. She ate all her snacks, enough for a lunch, and then played with the other kiddos before saying good bye and hugging everyone. She fell asleep in the car ride home so we let her sleep for a while. We then headed off to get a car wash by Costco but the automatic ones were closed so daddy did a quick rinse before we headed off to Costco. Sure enough we can see out the windows now. Saya was not thrilled how dirty her window was. We walked around Costco and shopped more than we should have. We even got a Slow Man on our trip.

We got home and we played some more and daddy made a salmon pizza for us. Mommy got the suitcases ready for our trip to the Bay Area again for another appt. Since daddy can't watch Saya we'll be going together while daddy works.  Time to start packing and do some more laundry before long long trip. Hopefully I can keep Saya happy on the plane. We got a new 9 cell battery for the laptop so hopefully a movie will do the trick.

Off to Target tomorrow to buy a new toaster and then to Lollilocks for Saya's first haircut. A little nervous but I am sure it will be a great experience. Well, hopefully.