Monday, August 29, 2011

Strider and MOM Garage Sale & Wedding Anniversary

Today Saya and I headed out to Boulder to pick up her Strider bike. It seems like she will like it but it may take a while to get used to. We'll see. Then we stopped by the Moms Club garage sale and picked up a ton of stuff and we got to donate to a great cause. Saya loved playing with all her new toys and books and then it was time for nap. Saya got up as daddy got home and daddy brought some flowers for mommy. Saya also wanted to smell them too. It was a great day.

MOMs club garage sale.

Flowers for mommy.

Playground with Daddy

On Sunday we had a relaxing day and had pancakes and daddy took Saya to the playground and Wal-Mart to look for trees. Mommy went to a haircut appt during this time and got home just in time for lunch. Soon it was naptime and we took the dogs out for a short walk. Ryder still seems to be having trouble with his leg. We made some playdough for Saya's birthday party that night.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

1st Day of Japanese School

Today we headed to the Japanese Academy of the Rockies for Saya's first day of Japanese school. It was fun but very exhausting. Thank goodness daddy was there to run with Saya while mommy listened to the orientation.  Saya was also exhausted with seeing so many people and being in a new environment she fell asleep on the way home. We received a package in the mail (thank you to the USPS man) and upon ringing the doorbell Saya woke and the dogs barked heavily. Oh dear! So we headed to Target and REI for a bit of shopping and then put Saya down for a nap. It's curry night tonight! Yippee!

Playing with mommy's wallet.

At JAR. All ready with sunglasses and backpack. 

Waiting in line to complete registration and pay tuition with daddy.

Opening ceremony. Saya sat for a few minutes and then decided to run all round the room. 

Came home and while napping we got Saya's present in the mail. We had to let her open it. 

We got Saya a harmonica at Target. She loves it!

At Home Day

On Friday Saya and mommy had an at home day which was much needed. We spent the morning playing and reading books and then headed out to Whole Foods for a bit of grocery shopping. We got home for lunch and then played some more with ice and water before naptime. Soon daddy came home and while mommy cooked dinner Saya got to play with the older girls in the neighborhood playing baseball. Not to worry, they were using a plastic bat and ball. Saya got to hit the ball and run the bases and she couldn't be any happier. Sounded like daddy had a great time too. Do we have a future softball/baseball player here?

Cereal and milk for breakfast. Can't go wrong. Saya had 3 helpings and even at part of mom's banana.

Tasting a piece of ham at Whole Foods. 

Back at home cooling off in her tub with a cup of ice. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Waneka Sweet Cow

On Thursday Saya and I headed over to Waneka Lake to meet up with a few friends. We saw a lot of JPG moms there with their kids too. Saya had a good time and even got to drink a juice box for the first time. Saya played on the play gym surprisingly well although she almost fell off the goldfish and luckily mommy caught her just in time. We had snacks and lunch and then we headed over to Sweet Cow for a sweet/ cold treat. Saya had a great time and then didn't fall asleep in the car on the way back so we played in the backyard a bit and then read books before naptime. We had a great day and daddy came home as soon as she awoke and we had a great salmon burger dinner.

Saya riding alligator.

Saya playing with the wheel.

"Not fair" he took the wheel. Yes, Saya now can say "not fair".

Saya deciphering the map. 

Up the goldfish. 

Climbing the rope ladder. 

First juice box EVER. 

Content and won't let go of the box even if it's completely empty. 

Swings! Some kids were on it for about 20 minutes so we got on as soon as it was free. Other moms looked at us to see when we were going to get off but we stayed on to our hearts content, okay about 7 or 8 minutes and we shared. Even mommies share.

Water play at home. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WOW and Vet

Today Saya and mommy headed to the WOW museum with our friends. We didn't think we'll make it after we came home to Ryder limping on his hind legs last night. We still made it and had a great time- we were there for 2.5 hours which is super great for Saya. She fell asleep in the car and woke right up when we got home. She stayed up with daddy for another 2 hours before falling asleep for her nap. Mommy took Ry Ry to the vet to get checked out and sure enough an x-ray was needed and some anti inflammatory meds. We hope to learn more about what might be going on with Ry after we hear from the specialist. It's been a long day and hopefully a nice quiet dinner.


Chalk wheel. 

Stamping away.


Light pen. 

Pulley chair. 

Saya working as a cashier at the bank. 

Driving the truck as many times as she wants. 


Writing train tickets.

Train table. 


Looking in the mirror.


Shopping at Whole Foods. 

Mommy got Ry and Bell pigs ears as treats after visiting the vet. 

Kite time. 

Our little tree hugger.