Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Toys

Does Saya not have enough toys to play with? Sometimes I think we are depriving her of toys since she seems to want to play with things that are not toys.

Here she is playing with foil and coasters.

Dog Food

I had no idea Saya would learn how to open the dog food bin and the trash can. Who knew? I sure didn't. So now it's time to put everything away and put locks on pretty much everything she can get her hands on. She also learned to put things in the trash can, hamper and washer and dryer. How amazing how a little person would learn how to do such things. Where did baby go?

New Outfit

A new outfit from Carter's. We got some great deals at the Big Scary Sale. I went a bit crazy and bought a bit too much. MUST STAY AWAY FROM CARTER'S.

Not Feeling Well

Saya wasn't feeling well the last couple of days. She needed lots of fluids and snuggling with mommy.

Teddy Backpack and Jeans

Saya also got a teddy backpack (it comes with a leash but we took it off) and some new jeans. Had to try both of them on her. She loved the backpack. You should see her walking with it, so cute.

Ball Popper and Jellycat

Saya enjoyed her new toy that she got from the Dennis family and her new Jellycat Junglie Bunglie Monkey.

Tillamook Loaf Bus

Had to take a picture in front of the Tillamook Bus. Here is Saya and daddy next to the big orange bus.

Kissing Minnie

Saya has learned to give wet kisses even to stuffed animals. Here she is kissing her Peek a luz Minnie in the car.

More Maisy

We love Maisy books and when I saw one at the sale I had to get it for Saya. She loves it. She was reading before we left on our trip out to Boulder for the Fall Fest. Don't you love her Elmo outfit? It's a bit big but I don't think she'll be able to wear it next summer so now is the time.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Surface

Saya has been walking all over the house on carpet and on tile. We let her walk on the sidewalk and on the grass but never on dirt so today we went on a walk and let her walk on the baseball diamond. She loved it! Thank goodness she didn't try to eat any of it.

Trying on New Outfits

We went to the MOMs sale yesterday and picked up a few Fall/Winter outfits for Saya. We washed and tried them on her today and she looks fabulous in all of them. So cute! What do you think?


Saya loves to play peek-a-boo using the drapes. I thought she would get tired of it but she hasn't yet.

New Hair Piece

I dug around the sale bins at Gymboree and got Saya a new hair clip for 2 dollars. She didn't like them very much but I thought it was a good deal and she looked very cute in them. They came off as soon as I put them on her.

Wait for Me

Saya's good friend just learned to walk. They were chasing each other around during the entire playdate. The two babies looked like little ducklings waddling. Too cute!


Totally forgot to brush Saya's hair after giving her a bath and sure enough this is what happens the next day. Doesn't her hair just remind you of the movie "There's Something About Mary"?