Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saya Sitting Up

Saya started sitting up a couple days ago. She can sit up on her own for a little bit with her arms out to the side. If she gets distracted and turns her head she topples over. She's getting better everyday.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saya Growing Up

Saya is growing everyday and I feel that she is becoming more and more of a toddler than a baby. So I had to take some pictures of her in diapers before she gets any older.

Jumperoo Crisis

This is a bit confusing so let me start from the beginning. We initially got Saya the Fisher Prices Rainforest jumperoo and we loved it as did she. Just recently she got her arms stuck in one of the toys so I called Fisher Price and they said to return the seat of the product for a full refund so we can purchase a different jumper. For safety reasons, we decided to send the jumperoo seat back and wait for the refund. To keep Saya occupied I bought the Baby Einstein Jumper. We hated it and so did Saya. She would rather play with the tags on the seat than with any of the toys. So then I called Fisher Price to get our seat back so that we can keep the Rainforest Jumperoo but they said the couldn't give it back to us. Now we had two jumperoos, one without the seat and another that we hated. So then we had to get another jumperoo from Fisher Price called the Precious Planet Jumperoo and she seems to enjoy it more. Now we have 3 jumpers in our house. I now have to return the Baby Einstein Jumper back to Babies R Us. Whew with that being said, here is Saya enjoying her new Jumperoo.

Here is a picture of all three jumper in our house. What is going on here!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bye Jumperoo, Hello BE Activity Jumper

We had to say good-bye to the Jumperoo as Saya was getting her arm stuck in one of the toys. Definitely not safe and we had to get her a different entertainer, the Baby Einstein Musical Activity Jumper. We miss the Jumperoo! Saya is still getting used to her new toy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Carseat!

Saya's new carseat arrived today! We got it in the fabulous cowmooflage. I hope Saya likes it:) It's gigantic compared to her infant carseat, but I am sure it's just as safe. The infant carseat only supports babies till they are 30 inches in height, as Saya is growing relatively quickly in height, it was time. Bye-bye infant carseat, it was nice having you. Now it's time to get the convertible carseat in the Subaru somehow.

By Britax Companion- Thanks for all your support!

Staying Inside

It's cold today so the entire family is staying insided, including Jeff who is working from home. Saya is playing with her toys and having a good time.

Since daddy is home, Saya and daddy get to play during the day too.

March 2010 Winter Storm

Yesterday afternoon we had heavy rain and then soon after it turned to snow. Thankfully Jeff got home early enough before the snow fell. It continued to snow all throughout the night and today we woke up to over 2 feet of snow. It's beautiful but awfully cold out. Jeff took some pictures while he was shoveling out sidewalks. The driveway is still awaiting shoveling. Sometimes it't not good to have a long driveway:) Saya looks out the window and sees the white snow and doesn't think much of it. I think next year she will be out sledding and making snowmen.

Here is a shot of our deck and backyard.

A view from our front porch.

Our little crabtree trying to keep up with the heavy snow.

Our neighbors across the park.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saya and Her Hairbrush

Saya is starting to get just enough hair to brush. I got her a real simple one to start and she likes the way it feels and tastes. Everything seems to go in her mouth these days.

Spending Time with Ry

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jeff's 34th Birthday!

It's Jeff's birthday today so we had dinner out with Saya. We went to get some quick Vietnamese food, it was good and fast. Saya was great and slept most of the time and even let us go shopping afterwards for some asian cooking ingredients at the supermarket next door.

Saya and I made Jeff a triple layer chocolate cake from scratch. I normally use a cake mix but since we had most of the ingredients at home, I thought we should just go for it. Saya helped frost and decorate.

Here is daddy and Saya with the cake.

Notice how there is a candle of the number 3 on the cake and no 4. I bought candles and left the shopping bag on the floor when we went out to eat. Sure enough the dogs got to the 4 candle and ate it. Thus we just had the 3. Next time, I won't leave the birthday candle on the floor.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patty's Day!

 I forgot it was St. Patrick's Day today and dressed Saya in her Spring outfit. Oops! Sweet Saya will hopefully forgive me.


It's getting warmer so I have been putting Saya in her spring outfits.

I thought this was a dress but I think it's a shirt. Oh well.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yeah for Peas!

I don't think Saya hates them. This is her expression so I think it can go either way.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Saya is now sleeping in a sleep sack instead of her swaddle blanket. Because her arms are free and she tends to scratch her face while sleeping we have to put socks on her hands.

Saya and Sophie

We opened the toy the Gardner's got us and gave it to Saya to chew on. She loves it! The dogs also want to get it so we have to watch them closely. We love Sophie! The rate that Saya chews on it, I am sure we will need to get her a new one in a couple of months.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Saya's New Quilt

Thank you Carrie! She made us this wonderful quilt for Saya which we are enjoying, especially as she soiled her other blanket we use.

6 Month Wellness Check

Today was a day full of screaming. Saya had her 6 month wellnesss appointment with her pediatrician and it was not fun for the both of us. First Saya blew out her diaper in the car on the way to the appointment. There were no exam rooms available for me to use so of course I had to use the yucky hospital bathroom changing table. Not very happy about it as Saya had to touch everything she could get her hands on. Then it was time for our appointment and the nurse took all of Saya's measurements. As the nurse took her and placed her on the exam table, it was nothing but screams.

Here are her stats in case you were wondering:
Height: 27 inches
Weight: 15 pounds 4 ounces
Head: 16.5 inches

Then the doctor came in and answered all my questions while Saya cried and screamed. He checked her lungs while she was still in arms and she was still in tears. Then as he picked her up to the exam table, more screaming.  As he left the room she stopped for a brief second. Then the nurse came in to give her her vaccine and more screaming.

It was a fun day! Though it was rough, the good news is Saya is healthy and developing.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jellycat Bunglie Phoebe the Pig

We named Saya's new Jellycat pig Phoebe. I hope she likes it grows up with it. She's super soft and the materials are safe for babies. Gotta love European products! Ok, you can't really see Phoebe's face in these photos but believe me, she's cute!

Gifts Galore!

Today Saya received lots of gifts from our friends, the Gardners, here is a video of Saya enjoying her gifts. When we were in Japan, we gave Saya the Meiji Hohoemi brand formula. Sakura, the Gardner's baby girl, also drank the same formula and they were kind enough to send us the containers so that Saya too has them to look at when she is older. We are so thankful! They also sent us books, clothes, and teething giraffe Sophie. Here is short video of Saya enjoying her gifts-

We had to take some pictures too! Saya surrounded by gifts.

Saya loves the red ribbon and wants to rip the package open.

Mommy was being silly and put the ribbon on Saya's head.

Sophie the Giraffe! We love her!

The Meiji cans! If friends were flowers we'd pick you too!

Trying on a new outfit. Looks warm! Where's Saya?

Books! We love Sesame Street and it's never too early to start reading.

Another cool, or shall we say warm outfit! How does it look?

Love the cans!

2nd Tooth is on the Way

Her second tooth is starting  to come in. I didn't know they come  in right after another. Time to get Saya a toothbrush.

New Pair of Jeans!

We went to the Gymboree outlet this past weekend and got Saya a pair of jeans. They are so cute and fit Saya just right, ok they are slightly big. I had to put her in it so our social worker can see her new outfit.