Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Noon year?

On Monday daddy went to work and mommy and Saya made some NY food and headed to the library for Happy Noon Year. Saya was already tired so we got our tickets early and went to the library to check out more books. Mommy read books to Saya while we waited to get our seats. Meisa was sleeping so we kept her in her carseat and sat in the back. Saya was tired and wasn't too into the juggling show so she sat on the usher's lap that wore jewlery like grandma.  We counted down with hats and blowers and headed home. Saya was so tired she passed out soon after and didn't wake up till 3pm. Mommy made a bunch of NY food while the kids slept.

We had toshikoshi soba for dinner.

Dog Walk & New Phones- Cleaning?

On Sunday we took a walk in the morning with the dogs and played at home. In the afternoon daddy headed out to Costco to buy groceries and picked up 2 smartphones. We got the Samsung Galaxy SII so we're very excited. we then cooked okonomiyaki for dinner and continued our planning for Disneyland.

Pho & Donation

On Saturday we had a long lazy morning with pancake breakfast and played a bit. We decided to go out for lunch and eat some pho. Since we were near the ARC donation center we dropped off our clothes we had been collecting since last year. Saya was tired but we got to pho. Saya ate 3 bowls of noodles and Meisa patiently waited for us. We got our boba drink and headed home. Mom was too tired to cook dinner so we had leftovers for dinner.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Doctor's Office & Saya Sick - Again

On Friday we headed in to the doc's office again for Saya's rash.Turns out it was from continuous scratching while sucking her thumb and constantly being wet. So lots of vasaline and aquaphor to create a barrier. Then we stopped at the cafe for a snack and Saya got granola with soy milk. We headed home and tried to rest while mommy fed Meisa.We then took a walk to the mailbox and came home.