Monday, October 25, 2010

Ba Ba Arrived

It takes a bit of getting used to a toddler running around everywhere. Saya has gotten quick and before you know it, she's elsewhere. Ba-ba realized this when she played with Saya this evening. We all had a great time playing and looked at the Halloween decor around the neighborhood but it was soon time for bed. Here's Saya running around with shoes from a friend. They seem quite comfy so she may start wearing them soon.

Sunday with Saya

Our weekends are so precious so we try to get a ton of things done when baby isn't napping. We took our daily walk and enjoyed the swings and then headed off to Borders (Grandpa's favorite) to check out some book for Saya. Mommy enjoyed her steamer with a shot of coconut. Yummy!

Our Saturday

Okay, we walk everyday and it's kind of routine but we still have fun and it gives mommy, daddy and baby lots of exercise so it's a good thing. We decided to put a beanie on Saya to keep her head warm.

It's time to put more decorations up for Halloween. Saya enjoyed the orange lights that her daddy was putting up. For some reason she wanted to eat them.

We took our famous trip out to Costco and bought Saya her first mittens. They're a bit big but hopefully will keep her hands warm and dry this winter.


Saya would say "pa pa" but still kind of cool. We look at all the pumpkins around the neighborhood and she loves them. Too bad we can't have Halloween all year long. Here she is playing with plastic pumpkins.

Chilly Friday Morning

Friday was quite chilly so we bundled Saya up in a puffy jacket with 2 layers underneath. A bit much? Yes, it was but we quickly peeled off the jacket and Saya was pretty happy with us.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Children's Museum

Today we went to the Children's Museum in Denver. We had a great time but of course the one day we have a big outting planned our schedule changes. Saya woke up at 4 am and luckily went back to bed after an hour or so and woke up at 7am. So our morning was a bit delayed and we insisted on not taking a morning nap. Tired and cranky we headed inside the museum with our friends and had a great time. We had a little picnic outside for lunch and headed back inside but little Saya was pooped and we headed home around 2pm. It was a good day but a tiring one. Next time we'll go after a nap.

Ready, set, go. All ready for the museum.

In the little play area. The area is super cushy and has lots to play with and most of all super baby proof so you don't have to worry all that much.

Found a yello cushiony square to play with.

Oink oink.

Loved the play kitchen. Daddy, will you buy me one?

Tired and bumped my head on the metal bar (ok not so baby proof but still a fun place).

Digging through fruits and veggies.

In the pretend Whole Foods Market. Let's go shopping.

thank goodness for bumpers on the shelves, Saya ran into every one with her shopping cart.

Peanut butter?

Pumpkin Patch

We went to Rock Creek Pumpkin Patch on Wednesday. It was super hot and sunny so we had to lather on sunblock and keep the hat on. Saya enjoyed walking all over the place along with a couple, okay a few, faceplants. She tried to jump off the hay bales when walking on them. She liked the farm animals but they were a bit stinky so we kept our distance- plus some of them seem to nibble.

Mission Possible

Here she is dressed all in black. Saya wanted to sit in the chair while playing with her Leaptop, so I put her in the chair. Here she is all techy-

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Walk

These days Saya and I take long walks enjoying the Fall scenery. She loves picking up leaves, rocks and sticks along the way.

Saya's Leaptop

We finally pulled out the Leaptop and downloaded the software. Saya is all excited and pretends to type on the keyboard just like her parents. She doesn't really get all the functions yet but I am sure she will in no time.


What is it about collars and leashes? Saya loves them both and she wouldn't let go of the dogs leashes yesterday. We let her play with them until we went out to run the dogs.

Pirates and Skeletons

We started putting up Halloween decorations again and Saya loves them. She was first facinated by the pirate and now the skeleton. I think she'll like Halloween just as much as we don.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Day All in Brown

Today started off great. Daddy is working from home and Saya was well rested. We decided to take our morning walk and I dressed Saya in her brown outfit. She wanted to be just like the dogs and played in their bed and then with their leashes. We headed to the park where I lost Bella and Ryder to a rabbit. Saya was enjoying playing on the swings, with her rock and dead leaves. At some point Saya started to run too so I had a hard time keeping up with the two dogs. We made it home safe with baby and two dogs.