Thursday, August 30, 2012

Play, Preschool & Nap

Today Saya woke up at 5am and we heard her singing and reading books in her bed. Not sure why she was up so early but she was up and couldn't go back to bed. We got up eventually and came downstairs to play and read books. Our goal was to take it easy in the morning before heading into preschool. Saya was really tired around 9am and by the time we got in the car ride to school she was ready to pass out. But once we got there she was all up and energetic ready to go in her class. We did her obstacle course and washed her hands and then left. It was our turn to being snacks so mommy made some banana muffins with some chocolate chips in them. Hopefully the kiddos liked them. Mommy and baba then went to the post office, library and then Target. We finally got a chance to run some errands without kiddo and it just took a few minutes in each location-never knew how easy it could be. We then got home and didn't have any leftovers so we made some rice and then picked up Saya. Saya came out with a big smile and then we got to take home a snack backpack home. She was so excited. Then we got home and washed hands, pottied and then had lunch. I could tell Saya was exhausted so we decided to rest on the couch and watch some Fireman Sam and then read some books. She was soon asleep and napping. The dogs are also napping and baba made a birthday banner for Saya. Mommy made goodie bags and labels. So far so good and now just awaiting the arrivial of grandpa and grandma.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dog Walk, Playground & Target

Today we had a nice easy going morning. Saya was all excited to see baba in the morning and asked mommy to leave so she can get baba. Hum... We all got up and headed downstairs. Mommy played with the dogs, who seems to love me just as much and baba and Saya played with puzzles. We made oatmeal for breakfast but Saya didn't seem all that hungry so she passed on her breakfast. We then watered our vegetable garden and then got the dogs ready for their walk. Saya, baba and mommy headed to the Broadlands playground for a quick play and headed home. Saya mainly wanted to swing on the swings so we did that and had a great time. There was a boy there that wanted to play with his mom but she didn't give him the time of day. Sort of sad. We left and finally got home, the dogs were tired and so were mommy and baba. Saya got to ride in the stroller back home so she was fine. We ate snacks and played some more before eating lunch. Soon after Saya played some more with baba and seemed really tired so onto the couch she went and mommy read about 5 books and it was naptime. Baba is passed out and so are the dogs-what am I doing awake? Not sure.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baba, Preschool & Nap

Today we stayed home in order to save some energy for preschool. We had a nice breakfast and then played with baba's make-up and toothbrush all morning. Mommy did baba's hair and then we got ready to head out to preschool. Saya was so tired that she couldn't sit still so we watched a bit of Fireman Sam to relax and rest before school. We had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before class since mommy didn't have anything hearty for lunch that was nut free. We drove to preschool and took lots of pictures and then headed into class. Saya did her obstacle course and we washed hands and she immediately started to play. We said our good-byes and said we would be back to pick her up. Baba and mommy headed to the post office to pick up a package and then headed to the store to pick up a prescription. We got home for a quick lunch and then headed back out to pick up Saya. All the first time parents were eager outside waiting for their kids. Baba was super anxious to go and pick up Saya even more than mommy. We peeked inside Saya's room through the window and she saw us. So happy to see her and miss her very much. We hugged and Saya passed up mommy and headed straight towards baba and even moved another kiddo aside. Hum... So we headed out the door and then came home and completed some business before playing and eating a rice ball. We watched a bit more of Fireman Sam to sit for a bit and read books before nap. Saya got up after daddy got home and mommy & baba made the curry for dinner. We decided to check out the gym for Sat and headed out the door. We got home just in time for dinner and then ate a funky dessert mommy made and then started our bedtime routine. Saya has been running around all excited since baba came and with preschool excitement too it's gotta be hard. So we turned in early and hopefully she will get a good night rest tonight.