Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Small Playground and Dog Play

Today mommy headed into Denver and Saya hung out with daddy. As soon as mommy got home daddy headed into work and Saya and mommy took the doggies for a long walk. We stopped at the preschool playground which Saya is super tall for now. She loved it and climbed up and down with ease. She had a good time and didn't want to sit in her stroller on the way home but after a little discussion it was time to head back into the stroller. We got home and played with the dogs which made them very happy. Saya was super tired and hungry soon afterwards so we had a nice lunch and it was time for nap. We read a ton of books and just as Saya was about to fall asleep mommy tried to put her in her crib. That was a HUGE mistake and a HUGE mommy whoops. Saya finally went to nap about 30 minute later. After nap we headed to King Soopers and got some gas and milk and got home to start dinner.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This morning Saya and mommy headed out to Big Dry Creek playground. We had a blast and met our friends there. Saya played and climbed and used up all her energy. She loved the see saw and plastic rock thingy to climb. We checked out the dog park that was right next door and Saya wanted to pet and play with the dogs so badly. We got home just in time for lunch but stopped in the garage  to play with the sand and water table. We had a nice leftover turkey lunch and then headed in for a bath.  We gathered all the cups we could find in the house and put them in the bathtub. Saya LOVED it! We added a ton of bubbles too which seem to make it that much better. Soon after Saya was so tired she declared naptime.

Saya insisting she wash her own dishes.

Loving the playground. 

Denver and Butterfly Pavilion & Turkey Dinner

On Monday mommy headed downtown and Saya hung out with daddy in the morning. They made homemade dinner rolls for dinner. Mommy got home a bit late and we rushed out to the Butterfly Pavilion. We got there just in time to see everything and played at Tropical Discovery before lunch and naptime. Whew! Saya was so happy to be there and played to her hearts content. By the time we got home she was pooped and she went off to nap.

While Saya napped mommy walked the dogs and daddy worked. We also started cooking our little at home Thanksgiving dinner. We really missed cooking a turkey so we got a little turkey breast for the 5 of us. Saya got up super duper hungry so she nibbled a little of this and that until dinner and LOVED the sparkling cider daddy got us. We didn't have any dessert so we all made some cranberry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with our leftover cranberries.

Butterfly pavilion time.


Homemade dinner rolls. 

Eating a candy cane diaperless. 

Dinner is served.

Doggies too!

Cookie time. "I do it"

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Today we all took a walk to the playground and had a great timed. Saya climbed everything she could climb and daddy helped her the rest of the way. We ran all the way back home and Saya walked Bella partially as well. Saya was pooped after the walk but we stopped to talk to our neighbors and played with the dogs afterwards.  Daddy and Saya put the reindeer outside while mommy tended to the yard. We read lots of books and while mommy put away Saya's clothes she was already fast asleep.

Microwave status: Still broken.

Saya's reindeer "Dave"

Looking at the treetopper. 

New outfit to play 



At home putting out the reindeer. 

Making turkey seasoning. 

Washing dishes.