Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brunch+Hike+Girls Night Out

On Saturday we headed up to our friends house in Boulder for brunch. Brunch was great and we were ready for a nice stroll which turned out to be a pretty rigorous hike (backpacking for Jeff) which took us about 3 hours. Saya was a bit agitated and wanted to get back and Jeff was REALLY exhausted carrying Saya up a hill. Once we got back it was time to give the kids dinner and us girls to head out to all you can eat sushi and a movie. Daddy was really kind to watch Saya while mommy went out. It was a long night but very fun.

Two spoons is a must when eating oatmeal.

Topping it off with an apple.

Just the flesh and not the peel.


Basking in the sun with Bella in her doggie bed.

At our friend's house Saya decided she wanted to suck on a pacifier.

Ready for our little hike.

We got to a playground and Saya loved stepping in small patches of slushy snow.

Daddy enjoying time with his baby girl.

Ready to go down the slide all by herself.

Another slide but this time with daddy.

Nothing but smiles.

"Daddy, I would like to go there".

Chair swing.

Two babies on the swings.

Our view looking down at Boulder as we trek up a side of a mountain.

Ryder- Cutie

Ryder had a fun filled day as he was given lots of attention from his uncle. He passed out on the couch and didn't say a word.

Snowy Friday

On Friday we had a slight dusting of snow but not much to stop us from going out. We went to Vitamin Cottage to grab some organic fruit for our brunch date on Saturday with our friends in Boulder. I made the mistake of trying to run to the store with her right before lunch as she was super hungry. The line was super long at the store so mommy opened up a bag of organic crackers and Saya was happy as a clam. Later that day, our old friend from San Diego came to visit us. He's currently studying at University of Colorado Denver and moved out here last year. Had no idea until Jeff received a Facebook feed. Yeah, now we have one more friend here with us and Saya just gained another uncle.

Breakfast started with a frozen piece of bread.

This is Saya's 18 month outfit which seems to be shrinking everyday. The jacket won't cover the bottom half of her stomach anymore. Oh dear, time to go shopping again. CO Mills here we come!

Saya enjoying herself at Vitamin Cottage.

In the bulk spice section of the store. I think she picked up a bag of Genmai tea.


Kiddo Cliff bars were close by and Saya had to take a look at every kind.

Touch, touch, touch... and touch.

Mommy tried to get her to step back but Saya refused.

Eating chedder crackers in the store as we wait our turn to pay.

Cereal aisle.

Saya and Bella. They are such great pals.

Guess what, it's snowing outside.

Uncle came to visit us and stayed for dinner and a movie. Yeah! Saya was extremely spoiled and got picked up everytime. Heaven!

Oatmeal & Playdate

On Thursday, mommy let Saya eat her own oatmeal with her own spoon. Surprisingly she was awesome and got most of the oatmeal in her mouth. The cleanup wasn't too bad either.

Our friends came to visit for a playdate as well. We ate Yudofu which is a Japanese hot pot and then played and chit chatted. The kiddos napped for a short while which was really nice too. We ended up making chocolate peanut butter balls too which was to die for.

Overall, it was a great day.

Saya enjoying her library books. Knuffle Bunny Free!

Oatmeal time!

Finishing every drop just like her daddy.

Saya, auntie and baby. Notice the matching blue table mats.

Sharing is a skill. We are still trying to master this one.

Side by side.


Apples are Saya's favorite. Notice how she is not eating the peel. This is something she started and definitely not taught by us.

Activity cube. 

Baby is playing with the computer, just like his dad.

It's been a great day and Saya wanted to just enjoy a few videos online.


On Wednesday mommy had to run down to downtown Denver so daddy had to work from home. Saya was not really awake in the morning and we had a few accidents but she seemed to have recovered pretty well, so we're hoping she's ok. Only time will tell. We headed out to Whole Foods to make a hot pot for our friends on Thursday and came home.

Coffee! Saya helped mommy carry the coffee beans into the kitchen. Strong girl!

Handing the coffee to daddy.

Dressed in her new shirt from her auntie.

Definitely cute!

Totally forgot about the vent. It's still fun.

Snack time!

Saya eagerly wanted to ride in her old stroller. So we put her in and she is way too big for it now. As you can tell.

Ready to head to Whole Foods.

Saya loves her yams.

Snacking all the way home and didn't even fall asleep.

Saya after our little accident. Notice the red area around her nose. Poor baby!