Saturday, June 30, 2012

Camping in Moraine Park

On Friday daddy had the day off and we got up a bit later than usual but Saya seemed to wake up just as early as always. We got breakfast ready and packed up the coolers with food and ice before packing the car. Daddy was great and packed everything we could possibly need on our trip. Thank goodness as we had no idea we were going to get rain showers at camp. The trip to Estes Park took about an hour and half and we left the house close to 10 thirty so it wasn't too bad (we had a bathroom break as well). We got to camp and daddy set up camp and we got to hang out with our camping buddies. We all decided to eat lunch together so we got all the goodies out and started munching. Saya got to play with dirt (the ashy type of black dirt that just seems to stick on everything) and learn how to nature pee which was great. She even pooped in nature, who knew. Daddy set up her own personal potty seat and dug a hole as she asked for privacy and did her thing. Both daddies took the kiddos up the rock mountain and mommies hung out and talked for a while. We then started making our paella dinner on stovetop. We got some rain coming our way so we pulled out rain gear and stayed under the canopy (thanks papa). We all somewhat stayed dry and had dinner. Saya was beat and because she didn't nap and exhausted the day before we had a hard time getting to bed. She soon fell asleep in the tent and it was barely 6 thirty. But that was ok Davin also fell asleep instantly. Then we all hung out in our tents as a storm passed by and then got back out to chat and eat some cookies and junk food with tea. It was a good night but mommy's back was starting to hurt and sitting and standing wasn't an option anymore so mommy went to bed at around 9pm. Daddy, Patty and Derek stayed up talking some more and met Jeff's co worker who was also on site and peeked through the telescope. It was a good night and thank goodness the air mattress and down comforter kept us warm and comfortable during the night. Jeff said he even heard coyotes howling throughout the night.

Today we woke up and Saya was still beat tired but couldn't sleep anymore. So we got dressed and made some coffee and pancake breakfast along with some veggie sausages. We had a ton of food and ate like horses and then we decided to pack up and load the cars before heading out to Alluvial Fan waterfall. The trail was short and quick before we got to the waterfall. The kiddos loved just dipping their feet in the cold cold water. The water was so cold that Daving started to cry but Saya loved it and dipped around and played as much as the little kiddo could. Tired and beat, we decided to call it a trip and then head home. We had snacks & cheese sandwiches in the car and then headed off to Estes Park. We HAD to stop at Starbucks for a special cold treat and got a Tazo Passionfruit tea lemonade and headed home. Saya couldn't be happier with her tea and we got home about an hour later. We unloaded everything out of the car, started laundry and cleaned all of our gear before attempting to put Saya down for a nap. Fortunately, the snooze that Saya had in the car ride to the waterfall wasn't too long that another nap was necessary. Whew! Hopefully we all can get a shower, dinner and hopefully a peaceful and restful night in our comfy beds.