Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hiking and Pearl Street

On Thursday, we met up with friends and did a short hike at Chautauqua. It was nice and short for mommy and Saya was not all that light. Thank goodness for the Ergo. Saya was during the entire walk and produced a ton of heat making it a little more challenging for mommy. We got back to the car and headed off to Pearl street for a stroll. It was really nice out and the kiddos had a great time walking and playing. Saya got super dirty and touched anything dirty on the ground. Yuck! The mommies decided to stop for coffee as well. Saya napped for 20 minutes on the way home and that was the end of napping. Oh dear.

Saya playing with her carrier. She still mentions "cookies" as she still remembers her first time in it getting lots of cookies.

Small backpack for Saya.

Mommy & Saya. Mommy is carrying 30lbs on her back. Whew!

We all decided to go with the Ergo instead. So much nicer and lighter.  We headed off to the Mesa & McClintock trail at Chautauqua.

Saya looking at the elk on Pearl Street.

Saya and friend walking all over the place.

Saya and a cement snail.

Saya looking at another baby- "who are you"?

Coffee break for mommies. French press coffee and mugs for only $3.50 at Starbucks. Such a deal. Highly recommended.

Saya staring at the street musician.

Back to crawling. So glad we decided on the pink pants instead of the white ones.

Baby friend pushing his own stroller. Too cute!

Babies tried to hug each other but it didn't turn out great.

Saya got home and she was hot so we put on some short sleeves and boots.

Chalkboarding away as mommy does the dishes.

New cotton Hanna Andersson pjs. Let's hope they keep Saya warm tonight.

Starting a new movie tonight. Whispers of the Heart.

Hope Saya sleeps well tonight. Good night.

Playdate & Gifts

On Wednesday our friends came over for a playdate. We had lots of fun playing although Saya was super sleepy. We played with playdough, went to the playground and then came home for lunch and more playing. We had a great time and Saya took a very short nap in the afternoon.

Saya took out all her toys into the hallway.

Saya's latest masterpiece.

Saya and her best bud.

Stairs can be lots of fun, especially when playing with friends.

Hooray for playdough.


The girls taking turns going up and down the slide.

Saya trying to climb up the slide.

Watching her friend leave. Saya was not happy about it.

Cleaning blocks in the kitchen. Saya helping dry them.

Books and clothes from Grandma.

A Easter candy dish. Time to get some candy.

Toddler Group

On Tuesday, there was snow yet again on the ground. We headed off to the toddler group anyways and Saya fell asleep on the way home. Saya took somewhat of a decent nap and then we headed off to Whole Foods and then a walk with the dogs. It was a long day for Saya.

Breakfast with Saya.

Snow outside.

Snacks at toddler group. Mommy held out on the snacks as much as she could so that Saya would eat her lunch afterwards. It worked!

Saya and friends.

Outside in the snow. Someone got muddy shoes and dirty hands.

Off to Whole Foods for veggies and milk. Plus pretzels. Saya holding out pretzels saying "open dis".

Saya pointing to the neighbors dog, Bailey.


Playground swings.

Saya loves to lean back on the swings these days. Kind of scary.

Someone likes to go down the tube slide head first on her tummy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snowy Monday

Monday, we woke up to a bit of snow. A little shocked at first but it soon melted away and the sun was shining so we stayed home and played. Saya made a masterpiece work of art on the chalkboard. We now have to take a picture of each piece before we erase it.

Snow outside.


Snacktime. Notice somebody in the background it hoping Saya will drop something.

Saya loves playing with her chalk.

Best buds. It just amazes me how gentle Saya is with the dogs.

Playdough in the kitchen.

Crawling under the playground. She crawled all the way to the other side.

Up the chain ladder.



Climbing on up. Saya stopped using her knees to go up stairs. How fast they grow.

Chalkboard time with daddy.