Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dog Walk- Single Parenting

On Wed we hung out at home and took the dogs on a walk. Daddy got home early to catch a flight out to St Louis. So then we all left the house at the same time. Mommy Meisa and Saya went to Target and came home to make udon for dinner.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Onigiri, Preschool

We practiced writing Saya's name today. Saya is great at tracing. We also made onigiri which Saya ate a ton of. M slept for a little bit and daddy watched her while mom dropped off Saya at preschool.  Dropoff have become a lot harder the last couple of weeks. Somehow Saya just wants to stay close to mom. I bet it's because we have to divide our attention these days between the 2 girls.

Saya wanted to bring gum to school. I couldn't get it away from her so I put it in her jacket pocket and zipped it up. Hoping she wouldn't take it out at school but she did. Oops!

Saya made monkey bread at school. Meisa was content throughout the day and napping in the afternoons.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bagels, Sledding and More Sledding

Meisa- lots of grabbing esp mom's hair

We went sledding in the front park and also made bagels. Then when dad got home early we went to the big slopes for more sledding. Saya had a blast. We got home and made dinner and then had a bubble bath. Saya played with dad in  the tub and mommy dried her. We then played hide and seek afterwards, went to the doctor for M before watching mary poppins. Bedtime! We all went to sleep early with such physical activities.