Monday, April 30, 2012

Storytime and Walk

Today was a chill day as Saya was suffering from a stuffy/runny nose. She was not feeling like herself and just all out of sorts tired. So we headed to the library to storytime and then picked out a ton of books to read. We got home and Saya was so tired she was asleep and slept on the couch for a good hour or so. She woke up still tired and upset. We attempted to eat lunch but Saya wasn't hungry so we decided to play outside with water and dirt. She was all wet so we came inside and changed and decided to walk the dogs. We got back and Saya and mommy cleaned all the library books and then read them ALL. Daddy got lhome and Saya helped him with yard work and somehow both came in soaking wet. They dried off and then it was time for dinner. Daddy read a ton of books too and we decided to do bath and get ready for bed. A good but long day.

Dry Creek Trail

Finally it was time for the dogs. We took them to Dry Creek Trail with kiddo in the stroller. We strolled for about 30 minutes or maybe more and then headed to the playground for Saya. Saya had a blast and mommy and daddy were tired and ready for lunch and then naptime. We had leftovers for lunch and then took a nap. Daddy got the pizza dough all ready to go for when Saya woke up.After nap daddy mowed the lawn while mommy and Saya headed to REI to pick up some hiking shoes for kiddo. We got home and Saya helped daddy with some yard work. Time for dinner! We had a vegetarian pizza a la Jeff. Yum!

J School and Burritos

On Saturday Saya went to Japanese school as always but super duper tired. Super fun for mom too! We got home and had lunch right away. We had a bunch of leftovers of course and then Saya played with daddy until naptime. She slept for a good hour and soon mommy got motivated to head to Costco and King Soopers to get ingredients for dinner. Burritos a la Shino. Twas good!

Friday Bug & Kabob Station

On Friday we took it pretty easy, so I thought. We decided to clean the house a bit and then head out to Hobby Lobby  but kiddo fell asleep pretty fast on the car ride over so mom drove back home and put kiddo to bed. Didn't work. Upset little kiddo wanted so badly to go to Hobby Lobby. We took a few deep breaths and calmed down. We decided to play some outside and eat lunch before considering going to Hobby Lobby. Wen did go to Hobby Lobby and got a few things for our tea party on Thursday. The day was long and so we decided to head to library to return all of our books and then stop at Golden Spoon for a special treat. Mommy was done and as soon as we got home, daddy was home ready to take us out to dinner. We got everything ready for kiddo and headed to Kabob Station for a middle eastern treat. Saya loved the lemonade and didn't want much to do with any of the food except for the pita. But mommy made sure she down a few pieces of meat, rice and hummus before calling dinner done. We headed home and got ready for bedtime.