Saturday, April 30, 2011

Costco and Cake

Today mommy headed off to a MOMs sale in Boulder to find a few things for Saya after a pancake breakfast. Saya finished all 3 of her pancakes and a bowl of yogurt and some bananas. I hope she grows nice and tall unlike her mom. Saya got to play with daddy in the yard setting up the yellow jacket traps. We played a bit and read book after mommy got home and it was soon time for a nap. After lunch we headed off to Home Depot and Costco. At Home Depot we got the dogs some rope and a clasp so that we can keep them on a long leash when running them. With our great luck, the dude putting away the flatbeds let one roll towards our car. Luckily, mommy and Saya were in th car and had a little chat with the dude, he was sorry and since the car looked ok we continued on with our day. Costco was a blast and since some aisles were not as crowded, we let Saya run around, she LOVED it. We got home and got ready for dinner and ran the dogs. A great day.

Saya got to turn on her stove for the first time. We finally got some batteries at Costco.

Paper towel tower.


Looking up knots for the the dog leash.

Getting rid of the stroller box. Saya liked climbing through it.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Playground and Children's Day

Today we went to the playground and Saya had a chance to play with other kids slightly older. One seemed really big and older but she was only 4. She fell on the chain ladder but seemed to be ok and played a bit longer. The furbabies got tired of waiting so we headed home. We read some books and then it was time for naptime. Saya got up and we had lunch and headed into Boulder for the Children's day event. It was relatively small but also very windy so we only stayed for a bit. Saya was so happy with the little potted plant she made and her Red balloon. We headed home soon after as the winds picked up. The balloon popped in the car on the way home and the winds blew all the compost out of the pot so we ended up coming home with a bean seed;) Lots of fun today but tired and ready for the weekend.

Found some beads in the sidewalk cracks. Saya loved them and mommy hated them.

Argh, beads!

Change in outfit.

Saya getting to plant her seeds.

So happy and proud.

She even got a balloon.

Apple blossoms with daddy.



Zoo Day

On Thursday daddy worked from home so we got a little more time to pack and get ready for the zoo. Our friends arrived and we headed off to the zoo. Saya fell asleep on the way there so she was all set for the zoo. Parking was a bit crowded but we found parking and entered in the zoo. It was not all that bad and we had a great time. We actually enjoyed the animals this time as we normally go to the zoo and are all busy with the kids. We had 3 adults and 2 kids this time so a bit more help did the trick. It was really hot in the afternoon and the kids were spent as well the the adults so we decided to head home. We stopped at Golden Spoon for a frozen treat and headed back to the house. Saya was a happy camper the rest of the night.

Saya playing with her shopping cart before we visit the zoo.

Swapped sippy cups.




Saya and friend.

Mommy and Saya.


Carousel. Doesn't look like it but she is loving it.

Long and hot day at the zoo. Time to pass out. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today we went to the library. We haven't been in such a long time and found some good reads. Saya ran all over the place.




Sorting through some books. 



Soup. Couldn't find a spoon that works for Saya so we used a measuring spoon. 

Don't you love her hair.

Getting ready to watch Wall-E

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toddler Group & Bubbles

Today we went to the toddler group and had a good time. Someone was ready for a nap as we arrived. We listened to a master gardener speak but as I was reading books to kiddos, I hardly heard a thing. We headed outside afterwards and found some bumpy dirt area. Saya had a great time picking up trash and running up and down the bumps. We headed home for a very very short nap and then lunch. We played and read new books we got from the support group and then went to the store for pizza ingredients. We got home and daddy was able to play with Saya while mommy walked the dogs. She had a blast with her bubble maker-she's wanted to open it since she saw it in her Easter basket. Good day overall.

Waiting for other kiddos at the toddler group. We were a bit early for once.


Playing with friends.

Running through bumpy dirt paths.

Back at home shopping.

Books from the toddler group. They had a great selection.

Saya loves her smoothies.

Bubble maker!