Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today we headed over to a friend's house to drop off tupperware and headed over to Target. We bought a few snacks and new toys for our trip tomorrow. Hopefully Saya will enjoy them on the plane. We got home for lunch, played with ice and some new toys before nap.

Enjoying breakfast and mommy admiring the yogurt beard.

Saya watching Charlie and Lola video. 

Chalk time!

New toy from Target. Ni Hao Kai Lan.

Playing with ice outside. 

Library and REI

On Wednesday Saya and mommy had a slow start to the morning and decided to head to the library. We returned all our books and got some new ones. Saya was pretty patient throughout the entire trip but had a hard time after REI. We got home and had lunch and read lots of books before nap. Daddy got home just in time for dinner and we got packed for our trip on Friday.

Saya playing with dishes on the kitchen counter.

Off to the library.

Playing with table decor. 

Reading books with another mommy.

Daddy made a tunnel out of a bbq grill box. 

Reading books. 

New sippy cup. 

Playing computer games with daddy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Music Toddler Group

Today a music lady came to the toddler group so we had a great time singing along. Saya of course was super duper tired so she wasn't herself today. We're hoping for a more normal Saya tomorrow. I am hoping those darn 2 year molars will come in shortly. They are distrupting our poor baby's daily routines. We stopped at Golden Spoon on the way home and Saya of course had her usual sample and loved it. She even carried out the quart we got to bring home. After lunch she soon took a nap and slept for 3 hours. Mommy couldn't believe it but thought it was necessary for her to catch up on her sleep. Now it's time to start packing for our trip out to the Bay Area.

Saya working in the basement. She loves to work in the early mornings, evenings and weekends. Funny girl.

Music time at the toddler support group. 

Saya picked out a pumpkin shaker. 

Helping mommy and daddy pack for our trip.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dinosaur Play and Shopping

Today Saya and mommy headed to the mall to return a few items and play in the indoor play area. Saya was super comfortable today and ran everywhere and played with chalk tables and had a blast. We did our returns and did more shopping before heading home. Saya was so tired she fell asleep in the car on the way home. We had lunch soon after we got home and read some books before naptime. Poor Saya seems to be teething. We're thinking her 2 year old molars may be coming shortly- seems really painful for her. Hopefully they will cut through soon and she'll be back to herself. We headed to Costco soon after she got up from her nap and bought a new camera and treated ourselves to frozen yogurt before heading home. It was a great night.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

JPG Picnic

Today we all headed over to Waneka Lake Park for a JPG picnic. We had a fabulous time and met some wonderful people. Saya had a blast and loved suikawari (watermelon splitting) and all the delicious food. Daddy met other daddies too and had a great time. We got home a little later than planned and Saya went right to sleep. After Saya got up, we went outside to hang out with daddy as she mowed the lawn. Saya and mommy found a ton of fuzzies (as we call them) flying around and played with them for quite some time. We then Skyped with grandma and ate dinner. It was a fun filled day and looking forward to an awesome week before we head out to the Bay Area.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ballet Nouveau

Today we did a ballet trial with Saya. It was such a cute class and her friends where there so we all had a great time. She was a bit tired throughout the trial but she seemed to have enjoyed it. We came home for some lunch and read books before naptime. We didn't get very many pictures since our camera died. We are hoping to get a new one for mommy to use to capture many Saya moments (daddy is researching some durable cameras as we speak).

Saya clipping the buckles on her stroller before our walk.

Riding Lucy.

With daddy at Ballet Nouveau all ready for Dance with Me class.

Saya staying close to daddy.

Not shy anymore and enjoying the class. 

Playing with spots on the ground. 


Friday, July 22, 2011

Swimming and Exhausted

Today we took the dogs on a walk before the extreme heat in the afternoon and headed to the swimming pool. We had no idea we were there for close to 2 hours and had a great time with friends. Saya was so tired afterwards she fell asleep in the stroller.

Mommy attempting to get Saya out and about for our morning walk. It takes quite a bit of time for us to get moving these days.

Saya enjoying her chips poolside.

Sharing snacks with friends. 

Graham crackers and  bbq Popchips. What more could a toddler want?

Still eating. 


Back at home carrying a big cup of ice outside on the deck. 

Saya gave Ryder 2 pieces of ice and enjoyed the others. 

Yes, we're sharing with Ryder. 

Couldn't resist. Saya looks like a fair lady drinking tea and eating biscuits but with a big cup of ice. Too cute for words!

Off to the pet store with the dogs. They were so excited!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swimming Playdate

Today we had friends over and headed over to the pool.  We got home and had lunch and played a bit. Saya was super tired. We had a fabulous time and we hoped for a nice long nap but mommy will take whatever she can get. 1.5 hours is great for Saya. We then headed to Avista to pick up some forms and then came home for dinner. It was a great day!

Tired and and ready to nap before we do our morning activity.

Writing with a pen is so much fun. 

Hurry mommy, I want to go swimming. 

Still tired after she got home from swimming and eating lunch.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dinosaur Play

Today we decided to play indoors and headed to the mall. We got there just in time before the crowds came in. We played on the dinosaurs and also on the chalk tables. Saya had a blast! We decided to also go shopping afterwards. We got a few items of clothing and decided to head home. After lunch and reading a ton of books it was time for a nap.

Saya enjoying oatmeal with her WILD hair. I love it!

Muzica as Saya calls it. 

At the dinosaur play area at Flatirons. We loved it but we were really glad we got there before the crowd showed up. 

Saya enjoyed climbing on the padded walls and seats. 

Chalk tables. We even witnesses a boy eating a couple pieces of chalk. Of course his mother was not pleased. 

Saya sitting down on the bench ready to get her feet cleaned by mommy. You should have seen the dirt that came off of Saya's feet. Yuck!

At Old Navy coloring. 

Saya insisted that we visit the Build-A-Bear store. She absolutely loved it and we even got to witness a bear getting stuffed with fluff. (Always wanted to say that).

New outfit from Old Navy. Super cheap (probably bc it's white) and mommy loves white clothes during Summer.