Sunday, May 30, 2010

That's Not Weather... That's War!

Those innocent vegetables never stood a chance. The birds had no place to hide. And those flowers... well let's not go there.

Well if you didn't guess already, it was indeed a hail storm that blew through the neighborhood. I'd say it was about 1/2" on average. Doesn't sound big, but when it comes down like someone winning the jackpot at a pachinko parlor, for 5 minutes straight, it does some damage.

It's interesting seeing the flood that starts to come down the street during a hail storm. It's intense! Looks like foam, but it's not... all hail and some melted water. It was 85 degrees that day after all.

All that remains of some of the veggies are 1" sticks coming out of the ground. Tops of trees look like winter. At least it grows back and the hail wasn't large enough to damage the roof, siding, or deck... They do have baseball size hail out on the plains you know.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swing Time!

I took Saya on a walk today and stopped by the swing sets. I had no idea the swing seats were so big. She sank into them a bit but she still enjoyed mom swinging her.

So Proud!

Today Saya made it over to the dog bed. She was so proud I had to take a picture.

3rd Post Placement Interview Complete

 The third and final post placement interview occured yesterday. Our social worker came and asked us how we were doing with Saya. Everything went well and now all we have is our court date. Yeah!

Off to the Vacuum Cleaner!

Here she goes!

Saya is Pulling Up

Saya is now trying to pull herself up wherever she can. Today it was on her book and other times she tries on the couch and the stairs. I wonder if she is interested in walking soon.

Sekai no Hatemade ItteQ

Saya watching ItteQ with daddy. We hope that she will enjoy Japanese programs as much as we do.

No Toys for Saya

Now that Saya is crawling she likes anything but her toys. She tries to grab baby wipes, Baby Bjorn, dog toys and other things you just don't want her to get to.  Here she is about to chew on the Bjorn.

Now off to something else that may be interesting.

Cutie Pie!

I love this picture of Saya in her outfit so I had to post.


Saya's hair is growing so now we can give her new hairdos in the tub. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's Get This Garden Started

The garden is now well on it's way to getting started now that the weather is into the 70s and 80s and the danger of frost is gone. We will even get apples on both trees this year because there wasn't an early frost or huge wind that killed the blossoms.

Here are our raspberries and the fabulous trellis we built!

Can't forget about the blackberries. Those are good eats.

And our two apple trees that Jeff is going to try bagging this year so we can have organic apples. If you're not familiar with bagging, it involves zip-loc bags and no pesticides to keep the moths (worms) away.

A shot of our veggie berm which should start to have more and more growth as the season goes on.

And the Mint that comes back every year no matter how we forget to water it. Thanks Mint! Also gotta have the rosemary, basil, sage, and cilantro.

Hopefully we'll have more pictures up during the year as things start getting big!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Japanese Senbei Time

Today we went to the Japanese market in Downtown Denver. We picked up a few snacks for Saya as she is trying new finger foods. The senbeis (Japanese) crackers melt in the mouth so they are really easy to eat and she seems to really like them.

Here she is with a full senbei. Doesn't it look huge?

Ok, now just a half.

Now, 2 quarters.

She eventually finished the enitre half. We're so proud of her. I think we'll be bringing these senbeis with us so she can snack whereever we are.

All Pooped Out

Today we went to Costco- Saya was ready to nap but stayed up during our shopping trip. She passed out when we got home.

We then went to the nursery to pick up a few plants and again, she missed her nap and was pooped out when we got home. We just love the way she keeps her arms up.

Botan Ame

We got a care package from mom and we let Saya take a peek at the contents. She liked the Botan candy so we let her play with it.

Lately, she's been like a goat and loves paper products.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Saya Gets Cereal

When Saya does actually get a cereal snack in her mouth it is actually quite amusing... I can't help but laugh when I see this video of her.

- Jeff

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lowered Crib Mattress

Now that Saya started crawling the last thing we need her to do is to start pulling up on the crib and falling out. So it's time to lower the mattress to the lower setting. It's harder on mommy and daddy's back but so much safer for baby. Thank goodness for the drop gate!

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Clothes

Shiho got us some cute clothes so I had to try them on. Saya loves the dress so here she is all dolled up.  Now that she is mobile, it's hard to keep her in one spot to take a picture.

Do you like her pose?

See, trying to crawl away while mommy tries to take a picture.

Finger foods

We started Saya on some finger foods not too long ago. The tofu didn't work out so we tried a new organic cereal snack I picked up at the store the other day. She can't quite get them in her mouth yet but it's fun to watch her try. The cereal sticks to her hands as she tries to pick them up and she throws them on the floor. The dogs love the extra treats:)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Cathy!

Happy birthday from the Neimas! Saya acts like a goat lately and loves to eat paper. So sure enough she was trying hard to eat the sign. I think we got the shot after a couple of tries.

I think we've got it!

Stomach Bug

I thought we could avoid it but sure enough it's here. I seem to have it pretty bad and poor Saya has diarrhea. I feel so bad for her but she is still smiling which is a good sign. We're hoping it will pass soon. Daddy is taking good care of both of us.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Saya is Now Mobile

Saya just started to crawl tonight. She used to just scoot backwards but is now progressing forward. It's exciting to see her move around but also quite scary to think that she won't be in one place anymore. Baby gates are now a must!

Saya and Her Plate

I let her play with her plate this morning and she loved it. I washed it thoroughly beforehand so that we don't have food flying everywhere. Here she is holding her plate and pounding the table with it.

Had to taste it first.

Where'd the plate go? Oh yeah, I flung it on the floor.

Let me take a look at the plate again before I start pounding it on the table.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hairclips for Saya

The hairclips online were expensive so I thought I should make some for Saya. This was my first attempt so they didn't come out exactly the way I wanted but I tried. Let me know what you think.

Mother's Day Breakfast

We went to Q's Restaurant at the Boulderado Hotel for a nice breakfast. Saya was well behaved and loved to look around. She was happy looking at the family next to us and also playing with the table cloth. We also had a chance to use our Clean Diner that we got for her a while back. She looks so cute in it.

 Yummy doggie toy ears.

Why are you taking so many pictures of me mom?

Daddy wanted me to play with Sophie the giraffe.

Family pikcha!

Baby pic again. Doesn't she look adorable in her Clean Diner. She wasn't able to touch any part of the dirty high chair so mommy was very happy (mommy is a germ freak).

Baby and daddy (always have to take a daddy pic wherever we go).

Tired of toys and wanted to stick her hand in her mouth.

Mommy and Saya.

Mommy and Saya at the Pearl Street Mall.

Mommy asking balloon man to make a little something for Saya.

Balloon man asked if he should make something adorable or durable. After seeing Saya's 2 teeth, he said we should go with durable.

A durable chili pepper that is:)