Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween-Pumpkin Carving

Today daddy made us special orange pancakes and then we took pictures of Meisa. We then decided to carve out our gigantic pumpkins. Saya was all into it at first but then got super tired and needed to rest. Saya is adjusting to having a little sister but it's still hard for her. Poor thing, we hope to try to make the transition just a bit easier for her.

After dinner Saya got dressed in her costume and we took a ton of pictures.  Grandma stayed at home with Meisa and handed out candy. We headed out trick-or-treating at 6pm. Saya was so excited to go out with mommy and daddy. We went all around the neighborhood and visited all the spooky houses. Mommy had to go home as she needed to rest but daddy and Saya got to go to the spooky houses just one more time. When Saya got home she answered every single doorbell and gave out candy. We then took a look at all the goodies she got and she ate one of her treats. She happened to choose dried sliced apples. What a healthy chica.

Then it was time for bed.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ped Appt- DNSM and Climbing

Today we had breakfast and Saya, grandma and daddy headed south to the nature and science museum. We skipped preschool since there has been a report of foot and mouth disease. With a newborn at home, we decided not to take the risk. So instead they went to the museum and stopped at the See's candy store on the way home. Saya had a wonderful and special day today and was glowing. While everyone was at the museum, Meisa and mommy headed to the ped office to get weighed and checked for bilirubin levels. Then we all had lunch and then Saya watched some tv and mommy took care of Meisa. We had a visitor stop by, Miss Brooke, from Saya's preschool dropped off a dinner for us. Saya heard Miss Brooke downstairs and didn't want to nap. But soon after Miss Brooke left Saya napped. Mommy napped too. We all got up and daddy got dinner ready. After dinner Saya, grandma and daddy went to the PDRC to try some climbing. After climbing we started our bedtime routine.