Monday, November 29, 2010

Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving had passed and now it's time to get ready for Christmas. Saya has no idea what is in store for her this year. We are so excited to see her reaction we got started right away. Jeff brought out the tree early Friday morning and started setting it up. Saya was definitely curious to see what was going on.  She even helped put up some of the lights with her daddy. What a great helper.

Saya loved carrying this wine gift bag around the house even with her shirt unbuttoned.

Not sure why she wanted to bring the newspaper to the tree but she did.

Saya is trying to eat the berries from the decoration.

Saya is attempting to call family to wish them a Merry Christmas.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Saya's first real Thanksgiving so we did our best to make it memorable. We started off with a nice breakfast and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade on the computer. Funny how our computer broke the night before Thanksgiving but luckily we had another computer to watch the parade on. Saya didn't know what she was watching but seemed to have enjoyed it. Definitely, the parade will be a Neima tradition for many years to come. After breakfast we started cooking lots of food.

Our dinner menu:

Butternut squash pull apart rolls
Upside down pear ginger cake
Coconut Marshmallow sweet potatoes
Dry cured rosemary rubbed turkey
Artichoke parmesan sourdough stuffing
Green bean almondine
Ginger cranberry sauce

Here we are eating breakfast and watching the parade.

Jeff is unveiling the upside down pear ginger cake. Turned out great.

Our butternut squash pull apart rolls resting before we put them in the oven.

Lunch breaks. Saya ate her grilled cheese and broccoli and waiting patiently for dinner.

Here are the rolls fresh out of the oven. Yummy!

Fresh air break. We took the dogs out for a run in the park before we had to prep the turkey. Saya did not enjoy being bundled up but loved playing with bubbles.

Here is the dry cured rosemary turkey all ready to be buttered up and placed in the oven.

Saya and the turkey.

We opened some of our Christmas boxes and Saya loved emptying them out.

Ornaments! Major choking hazard but we let her play with them being closely supervised.

Here is our turkey. Nice and juicy. 

Here is daddy making the gravy with the turkey drippings

Ryder and Bella eagerly wait for their turkey dinner. Yes, we do give them people food on special occassions.

Yummy sweet potatoes.

Family pikucha!

Our spread.

Saya's first taste of turkey. She wasn't tremendously thrilled with it but ate it anyway. She loved the cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and the cake. The green beans made it onto the floor.

After we gave Ryder and Bella their turkey dinner we gave them an extra turkey treat for dessert.  

Saya topped off her dinner with a bottle of milk.

Cold Wednesday

It was a cold morning so we skipped our daily walk and played inside. I guess we are going to have to get used to staying inside nowadays. Saya enjoyed playing with her Thanksgiving card, walker and the muffin pan.

A Card From Grandma & Grandpa

Saya opened her Thanksgiving card from her grandparents and loved the music. She opened and closed the card over and over again. The tune that played was the Charlie Brown theme song.