Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family Picture & & Advent Calendar

On Sunday we had a neighbor some by to take our family picture. So we cleaned desperately before Mary came over. We also worked on our Advent Calendar for December. We all took showers and got dressed just in time. We then headed out to Dry Creek playground with Saya and baba had a grand ol time there. We got home and had lunch and then took a nap.

Ice Skating & Target (3M)

On Saturday we headed to the ice skating rink at the Orchard with Saya. We had a great time and Saya was perfect for her first time ice skating. Although the rink was plastic and had some vinyl polymer coating which seemed to stick all over us, it was still fun. We got home and had lunch and then took a nap. But soon after waking we headed out to Target to get some 3M clothes for Meisa. For some odd reason Meisa outgrew her NB overnight.We then got home for some more turkey dinner.