Tuesday, July 31, 2012


On Monday Saya and mommy had a great day at home relaxing in the morning but poor daddy had a quick physical for insurance purposes. The bright side was that Saya got to eat breakfast with her daddy on a weekday before work. We played and read books for a while and then decided to head to the library. We got a ton of books and some dvds for home. We decided to stop at Golden Spoon for a special treat. Saya got to try 2 samples, which she loved  and we brought home a quart. Mommy and Saya made some pizza dough in the afternoon and then cleaned all the library books. We read about 80% of the books when daddy got home. We got dinner ready and then had a quick dinner before we headed out to walk the dogs around the neighborhood and stopped at the  playground with Saya. Saya was tired after our walk and daddy carried her back home. We watched a bit of the summer olympics and then a movie before bedtime.

Dog Walk, Swimming & Costco

On Sunday we tried and tried to get out of the house. No one was ready but mommy and Bella so we decided to go on a walk while daddy and Saya stayed home with Ryder. Sure enough no one was happy so daddy, Saya and Ryder joined mommy and Bell for a walk to the Broadlands playground. We played for a bit and got home just in time to head to the swimming pool. We stayed at the swimming pool for about an hour and then came home for lunch. Saya wanted sand in the water table so we did that and she played for a while before it was naptime. We all passed out for an hour and then when Saya woke up we headed to Muttz to get some dog food. We decided to take Ry Ry with us so that he can enjoy some time away. He did and we got home to drop everything and Ry off and grabbed daddy so that we can go on a Costco trip. We got home and mommy made some stir fry tofu dinner and we called it a night.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Museum and Pho

On Saturday daddy went hiking early in the morning so it was just mommy and Saya. We decided to head to the museum of nature and science and meet up with some friends. Saya had a blast in the Space Oddessy area and played with everything she could get her hands on but then got bored and wanted to leave right when our friends met up with us. We then went to the discovery zone and played for a while and then off to see the dinosaurs before lunch. Saya was starving and started to crumble so we quickly ate but still we had to go home. We got home around 1pm and then attempted nap but that didn't happen. So we played and played till it was time to head out for dinner. Come 4 thirty- five o'clock Saya fell asleep on the car ride to pho. So mommy put her in the stroller and went shopping at POM and then ate a big bowl of pho all by herself. Then just as we got all the food to go Saya woke up and wanted to eat her dinner there. So we took out the take out and started to eat. By the time we got home daddy was home and he ate the take out with Saya and then it was bath night. We had a great night and took it easy watching the summer olympics till bedtime.

Garage Sale

On Friday we headed off to the garage sale at the Catholic Church in Arvada. We found some stuff but some mainly junk. Saya picked out her toys as mommy promised she could pick some out and then we got some books along with a few items for the new baby. The old lady tallying up the cost tried to rip us off so we asked her to recalculate. She was not very happy to do it but since we're strapped for cash these days it was a must. We then met up with friends and had snacks before heading out to Starbucks for a cool treat. Saya got chocolate milk and mommy had a cold coffee drink and then we headed home. Saya was a bit tired and fell asleep in the car but we stopped at another garage sale and mommy thought she would sleep through it but didn't. She wanted to come too! So we looked around and bought a few things for the new baby and a couple books for Saya.

Soccer & Stroller

On Thursday we packed up and headed out to soccer in Boulder. Saya wasn't really into it again so we mainly sat on the sidelines. We hurried out of soccer before anyone can coax us into the tumble room and headed off to Jamba Juice. We got a smoothie and Saya drank her entire share before we got to our next destination. We then headed off to a BRM's house to try out the double Uppababy stroller. They were going to sell it used but we had to try it out first. Saya loved it but her head stuck out 2 inches from the top of the rumble seat so I don't think she'll have much use out of it. We pushed the stroller around the neighborhood and though it was smooth it was too small. Saya ate her entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the car and then we got home but kiddo was still not sleeping. We did a bathroom break but still no luck at nap so she hung on till daddy got home and then we had an early bedtime.