Friday, September 30, 2011

Gymnastics and Golden Spoon

Today we headed over to the gym after a really late wake up. Saya slept until 6:50am and was still laying down when mommy got to her room. Definitely odd. We ate breakfast at 8 thirty and got ready to go to gymnastics class and it was already time to get in the car and go. We got to class just in time and Saya was eager to get going- once we got in the gym Saya wanted to jump on the trampoline and jump in the foam pit. There were new  tunnels in the obstacle course but Saya was not interested in it. She was more into the balance beam than anything else. We even got to try the bars again but still not interested and headed over to the beam. Saya still seemed like she had a bit more energy but we headed out so that we had ample time for lunch and bath. Today we took a shower first and then ate lunch outside on the deck. We had a blast. Saya even helped clean up. After some time playing with the sand and water table we watched a book video and then we headed up to bed. It was about 1 thirty by the time she went down for a nap. Mommy got dinner ready soon after nap and daddy got home. We had a quick dinner and headed to Golden Spoon for our last Groupon treat. We even got rainbow and chocolate sprinkles which Saya LOVED. We did have to deal with the sugar high as soon as we got home.

Tomorrow we're off to Japanese school.

Someone loves tunnels.

And the balance beam

The bars.

Ready for stamps.

Showered and ready to play before lunch.

Lunch outside.

Picking up doggie poop.

Off to Golden Spoon.

A small to share with sprinkles!

Finishing every last drop.

Yarn and Lunch

On Thursday Saya and mommy headed out to meet friends at a yarn shop. We headed to the old historic area of Arvada to the yarn shop but they were still closed at their opening time so we headed to Penzey's Spice shop to check out some spices. Saya loved smelling all the samples and we colored as well. We headed to the yarn shop and the kids loved the dogs but it got a bit too much and the dogs went to the back of the store. The kiddos had a blast playing on the ladders and chairs and looking at all the yarn. Mommy got some yarn in attemp to make Saya some legwarmers. We'll see how it goes. Then we headed off to Udi's to get some lunch. The lunch took longer than expected and Saya began to melt a bit. We had to bust out real fast and head to the car. We stopped by daddy's work to say hello and we headed back home. The 15 minute nap in the car was just enough for Saya to not nap in the afternoon. It was a long but fun day.

Drawing at Penzey's

Doggies at the yarn store. 

Lunch at Udi's.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Storytime and Shopping

Today we headed out to story time at the library and then headed out to Vitamin Cottage afterwards. Mommy made a mistake and checked out too many dvds. Had no idea the limit was 5 and checked out 10 but since the machine let me- it's not my fault. Next time we'll get 5.

We left the library and headed over to Vitamin Cottage to get some shampoo but ended up buying more groceries. Saya enjoyed our shopping trip since she was so eager to go yesterday. We got home and had our lunch and played outside soon after. We had a lesson in pouring. Saya did well considering it's her first time. We then headed upstairs for a nap.

Daddy got home and we all mowed the lawn. Saya got her mower out and followed only after mommy and daddy were done. We then had dinner and played with the sand and water table before bath and the bedtime routine. We checked out a movie called the new adventures of pippi longstocking so we'll see how it is. Daddy is not thrilled he has to watch it but I am sure it's not that bad.

Doggies barking at a squirrel.


Picking up leaves during storytime.

Shake shake with shakers.

Rice cakes from Vitamin Cottage.

Our pouring exercise. 

Saya loves to dip her hands in the water.

Distracted by a stick. 

Chalk time. 

More sand table time. 

Watching a movie before bedtime. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slow Day & Dead Car

Today we had a relaxing morning and stayed home since mommy forgot to turn the car lights off yesterday and the car died. We played with bubbles and sand and read tons and tons of books and Saya went right to her nap at 1pm. Perhaps she's catching up on sleep from baba's visit. We hope to get the car back running tonight after daddy comes home and we can start our routine in no time.

Da hair.

Something must be nice about the bathroom towel. Saya just loves to cuddle in it. 

Baby mum-mums are still a hit.

Blowing bubbles outside.

Decided to clean our bubble equipment and sure enough- we got wet.

Saya insists on putting  more water in the bucket. Even after mommy turned off the hose she got every little bit of water out of the hose. 

Now onto sand. 

So want to give the doggies a treat. She climbed up on the chair to reach above the fridge.