Sunday, October 30, 2011

Japanese School and Errands

On Saturday Saya and mommy headed to Japanese school. When we got to the parking lot mommy bonked Saya in the head with the car door. Mommy felt horrible and quickly got a back of snow to put on Saya's face. , After a short cry Saya seemed okay so we headed into the classroom. On the way to the classroom we found a mini bazaar going on and we picked up a set of pajamas and a toy. We got in the classroom and Saya was not feeling in the mood to be active. She did participate in a lot of the activities though, especially the craft and snack time. On the way home we quickly got in the car and headed home. We had lunch and read books before naptime. Mommy ran to the library and Safeway while Saya napped. Saya took a short nap as our neighbor was busy cutting down his trees and she woke up. Soon after we headed off to Costco for grocery shopping and then got home just in time for dinner. We started dinner and then took the dogs for a walk around the block. Saya almost got home but then got a bloody nose. We cleaned her up right away when we noticed she had a slight fever. We gave her some medicine after dinner and took it easy the rest of the night.

Saya trying to listen to the story.

Craft time!



On Friday, mommy and Saya headed off to gymnastics for the last class of the session. Saya did great as we played in the indoor playground before class and she still made it through the class. She got her stamps and then also got a certificate of completion. So proud!
We headed out to a Halloween party afterwards but mommy couldn't find the location and so we drove for about 10 minutes and Saya got really sleepy. It wasn't worth losing naptime so we headed home and then had lunch and then off to nap.

Indoor play area before class.

Saya got stuck up at the top so mommy had to head on up to rescue her. 

Attempting to stretch 

Mini trampoline. LOVE

She loves this circular donut like thing.

Attempting to bounce.

Foam pit. 

Hanging and almost ready to swing over. 


Got her completion certificate and waiting for her stamps. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stay at Home Day

Today Saya and I stayed at home while daddy takes the Subi to work. We had a great breakfast and then played with toys and decided to clean a bit. We vacuumed and cleaned the windows. Then we decided to go outside to get some of the snow off the deck. Saya was not happy to be outdoors so we went inside. We had some lunch and then had some hot chocolate afterwards. Saya was a super happy camper after she got 4 marshmellows.

Good morning! Saya wanted to be a baby this morning so she requested a bib.

Helping mommy clean.

Digging through the Halloween candy inspecting and naming each type. 


Outside enjoying the snow, well sort of. 

Back inside and happy again. 

Hot chocolate with marshmellows. Yummy.

Snow Day

On Wednesday we woke up to a bunch of snow. Saya was so excited to see snow and daddy got to work from home, which was nice. We started off the morning with oatmeal and then did some watercoloring. Then we headed outside for a sledding experience with Ryder too. Mommy got a phone call soon after we got out so we rushed back inside. Saya didn't mind coming back in as she got a whole bucket full of snow to play with. Then we baked some cookies and Saya rolled each one in cinnamon and sugar. She has definitely matured. Soon after Saya was ready for lunch and then off to nap. After nap Saya was up and ready to go for a sledding experience with daddy. Daddy took her out and ran with her in the sled. Mommy was a bit nervous but it seemed like Saya enjoyed herself. We came back in for dinner and then Skyped with grandma and on with our bedtime routine.

Saya at her store.

Watercolor time!

All pumped up for sledding. 

Mittens that are not waterproof since we couldn't find her other ones. Mommy put it way in her storage box and didn't know it. 

Off we go

Saya eager to not be in the sled. 

Yeah snow in the house.

Mommy brought out her pool and plastic balls. Lots of fun. 

Cookies in the making. 

Working with daddy. Daddy could hardly work. 

Cookies to be rolled in sugar and cinnamon. Go Saya!

The final baking sheet. 

Our pumpkins waiting to be carved. 

Getting ready to head out to the snowy backyard with daddy. 

Out in the front park with other kiddos. 

Daddy is so excited to pull Saya in the sled.