Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkins & More

On Saturday we let daddy sleep in and made a pancake breakfast as we normally do. We decided to head out to the library to check out new books and see the train display. Unfortunately, the people who were setting up the trains were late and it took them a while to set up. So we viewed what was already set up and then left to check out more books. Then we headed out to the Spirit Store to check out some Halloween decorations. They had many spooky creatures that pop up when you step on the sensor and it scared kiddo. We had to talk about how Halloween is all pretend but still it's not easy to do. We then headed to the pumpkin patch and picked out some huge pumpkins. Daddy had the hard job of carrying them to the car. Saya had fun digging in the dirt and found a worm. Soon we decided we had enough and went to the front of the farm and paid and looked at all the gourds and little pumpkins. Saya got to even climb on hay bales. We got home and had some pad thai for lunch and Saya took a nap. Daddy made us a salmon dinner.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ya Ya Farms & Inflatables

Today Saya and mommy decided to head to Ya Ya farms for a little trip. We had cereal for breakfast and got everything together for our drive up to Longmont. The fog was a bit thick so mommy was thinking the farm might be a bit cold but it was just right and the fog disappeared as we got closer west. Saya had a blast she had a bunch of snacks in the car and got covered in granola bar. Once we got there she got to see all the animals and feed all the horses and donkeys. Slightly scared at first but then got the hang of it in no time. Saya and mommy took a tractor ride to top it all off and then we said bye to "Buddy" the dog and headed home. We stopped at Starbucks to wash hands and go potty. We got home and Saya wasn't asleep yet which was great. We had a nice lunch at home and had some chips as treats. Soon we decided to play tickle, color and then read some books. Saya fell asleep during our Disney classics story Sleeping Beauty. She slept for about a good hour and then we started to color and draw some more. We tried to go to the library but daddy was already on his way home and since there is a train set display tomorrow we thought it might be fun to go then. Mommy and Saya then went outside to look at the inflatable play structures at Meridian elementary. The slide and jumpy thing looked a bit too much for Saya so we came home and played a bit of soccer. Daddy then got home and we spoke to neighbors and started dinner. Daddy made us Pad Thai for dinner. We then went outside to see the school fundraiser in action. All the games were a bit too much for Saya so we just walked around and ran back home (it was a race). We finished Mary Poppins and then off to bed.

Thank goodness for the weekend.