Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playground and Meet & Greet

Today Saya and mommy got a early start and took the dogs on a long walk to the playground in the next community. The dogs were happy and then Saya and mommy played for about an hour and a half mostly on the swings. We had snacks and then headed back home. We had popsicles outside while the dogs just wanted to relax. Then mommy and Saya got ready to head to Arvada Pediatrics to meet the new pediatrician. We met the doctor and Saya got so excited it was hard to hold a conversation but we did. We made our 3 year appt and left for home. We got home and Saya and mommy had lunch outside and played with water until Saya got soaking wet. We read books but Saya was not tired since she got a wink in the car. We colored and played in her tent and went through almost all her toys and then we tried to read a few more books and then by 3pm Saya was ready for a short nap. By the time Saya got up at 4pm daddy was home and mommy started cooking chicken pot pie. We had dinner and then ran the dogs in the park. We all got exercise so dogs and kiddo are all happy. Can't be better!

Kiddo finally asleep- should we start packing?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Playground and Pho

Today Saya and mommy headed to the playground to say by to our friends who will be moving to Maryland. We got up and ate breakfast before heading to the store to buy our candy lei stuff. We got home and made some candy leis and then headed off to the playground. We dropped off some dvds at the library before we get fined. We met our friends at the playground and took some pictures. While mommy was chatting it up Saya decided to get rid of her fear of slides. She went down the slides all by herself. She even had great conversation with some older kiddos and then we decided to head off to pho with our friends. Saya did great and sat the entire lunch. But time ran out and it was time to head home since it's our poop day.
Saya got home and went pee and then poop (lots) and then decided to take a nap around 2pm.
After Saya got up from her nap mommy made dinner and then afterwards we took the kiddo and dogs on a walk. Daddy and Saya rode her tricycle to the playground and played while mommy walked the dogs. Dogs were happy and so were we. It was a good day.

Waneka Lake and BBQ

On Monday we had a nice relaxing day. We decided to take kiddo and the dogs to Waneka Lake for a short stroll. We walked around the lake and then Saya played in the playground. We even bumped into a friend and then decided to head home. But we needed some more groceries so we stopped at King Soopers on our way home and then Saya was super energetic. She played and played and then finally took a nap around 2pm. Daddy mowed the lawn and then we started to get ready for our salmon bbq dinner.
After dinner we decided to run the dogs in the park and then call it a night.