Friday, July 30, 2010

Vegetables In Season

The veggies are fully underway now this season. The tomatoes are going to start producing loads of sweet, juicy fruits soon. There are plenty of Japanese eggplants, and the cucumbers keep comin'!

Here is the grape that I thought was dead in spring. Guess not.

And the 3 tomato plants about to explode.

Apples are lookin' good.

Kabocha squash should be ready in fall.

Japanese eggplants are yummy with miso.

Some more cucumbers.

We even have Thai chilis.

Zoo day with the Pierces

Today we went to the zoo with Kai-kun and Mari san. It was really hot so the mommies got a work out and the babies had a fun time looking at all the animals.

Saya drinking her water while looking at the elephants.

The two of us in front of the bears.

The two babies playing at home.

The rest of our pictures came out blurry so I'll post more when I get them from Mari san.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saya's First Okonomiyaki

Saya has started to eat everything we are eating except with less flavor and sodium. We try really hard to give her something from every food group and Okonomiyaki fit the bill. We put a bit of sauce and some aonori on it and she loved it.

If you look really close you can see a bit of aoniri on her face.

Ladybug Saya

We went over to our neighbors house for a short visit and they were kind to let us borrow a ladybug costume for Halloween. It may be a bit too small for her in October so we put her in it to see if it fit. Doesn't she look cute? The butt is all poofy so it's even cuter when she is crawling.

Testing out the New Placemat

We got Saya a new placemat hoping it will keep more food on the table and less stains and cleanup on the dining table. So far so good.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Swimming Lessons

We had our first swimming lesson on Sunday. We tried to get Saya used to the water first. We had her play with toys splash around. She did great!

At the Zoo

We finally made it to the zoo this past weekend.  Saya actually stayed awake during the entire visit. We took too many things with us this time so next time we'll lessen our load.

We didn't get to see the Tropical Discovery area last time we were thee so we checked it out this time. Saya loved it. She was pointed and looking at everything, especially the plants.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mezmerized by The World of Color

We need to see the show in person but after hearing how great it was I checked it out on Youtube. I showed Saya a clip of it and she was really into it. I put her on the floor away from the computer and she kept telling me she wanted to see more.

Here is the link to the show if you want to see what Saya was watching:

Playdate with Kai-kun

I could not get a shot with the two babies together but I tried. We had lunch at the Huckleberry and then had a playdate at the Pierces. So much fun!

What Phone Books are Good for

We asked repeatedly to not get any phone books delivered to our house but they still keep coming. Saya loves to rip apart books and magazines so I gave her the phone books and she loved them. It kept her busy for a while.

Lots of Babies

Another playdate for Saya. We went over to Becky's house and had a great time. Saya was beat when she got home and we had somewhat of a decent nap. Whew!

Holy Cross Wilderness Trip Report

The trip report is all done of Jeff's trip to the Holy Cross Wilderness. Enjoy!

Holy Cross Trip Report

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Found this idea in Family Fun magazine and had to try it. Not bad for the first time. We're bringing these to our playdate today. Hopefully it tastes ok.

Saya in the Box

Saya likes to crawl in the box but she has a hard time getting out.

Ready for Sukiyaki

I pulled out some tupperware and some cooking utensils for Saya to play with. She had fun pounding the dish.

Rice Girl

Saya had fish and rice for dinner and the rice got all over. She was so sticky after dinner we had to give her a bath. The dogs were eagerly waiting for some food to fall on the ground but they weren't too into the fish or rice.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Plastic Bottles are Loved by Baby and Doggies

I accidentally left my empty water bottle on the floor today not realizing that everybody would go after it. Saya wanted it so bad that she was licking it, sucking it and biting it. Then Ryder wanted the bottle too and
did the same exact thing- Bella just watched the two. It was quite funny.

Today we went to the Early Literacy Fair at the Broomfield Library not knowing how chaotic it would be. I got a big headache being in a small space with a gazillion kids everywhere. We just did our crafts and came home.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Just Saya and Me

Jeff has left for his backpacking trip this morning so it's just Saya and me till Sunday evening. Thank goodness it's a 2.5 day trip instead of the original 10 day trip. I should be thankful this trip is shorter. So far things are going ok but it gets a bit tiring parenting alone. Maybe it'll get better when Saya is a little older.

Thank goodness we had a bunch of things going on today. Saya and I met up with Mari san and Kai kun for a lunch date and had some pho and Vietnamese coffee. Yummy! Then we went over to the Pierces for a playdate and come home at 3pm. It made the day go by so much faster and Saya was tired.

Bathtime with Mommy

We love bathtime in our house. Saya loves to splash around and play with her toys. The dogs love the bath toys and we love making different hairdos on Saya. It's a great time for everyone.

Just in Diapers

It was another hot day here so I just took off all of Saya's clothes and kept her in her diapers. She seemed to have enjoyed it and stayed cool.

Notice Bella at the top of the stairs.

Another shot with Bella in the background. Seriously, Saya's first word will be "Bella".