Friday, February 26, 2016

Mommy Allergy Testing and Reia Birthday Prep

Reia's 1st Birthday!

Made a fruit platter for Reia for her 1st birthday celebration.

At Home Day with Meisa and Cookie Pick Up

We took it easy and played in the playground and walked the dogs.

Meisa Throws Up and Doctor's Office

Meisa complained of a stomach ache and then threw up just before preschool.

Went to the doc but they think it's a bug and will pass.

Gymnastics, Piano and Saya Pho Gift Certificate & Accident

On Monday Saya got a Pho Gift Certificate from Pho Duy 6. She did a restaurant review awhile back and her teacher sent it in to the restaurant. They were happy and sent her a gift certificate. Saya was so excited she forgot to go to the bathroom and wet her pants.

At Home Day Cleaning- Luvin Arms and Mommy Shopping